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As NathanC said in the comments, the problem was that the dns configuration was not set on a global ip, it was instead on so what i did was that I changed that IP to the server's IP and after a few minutes the website was up and running.


I use Flask with Nginx and Gunicorn myself, so I'll attempt to answer as best I can: 1). It could be, but from my own research and experience its generally better not to run Gunicorn in daemon mode and use some sort of dedicated process manager instead (like Supervisor). 2). Supervisor and init.d do not strictly serve the same purpose. Init.d is an ...


I have tried a lot of different configurations and got it working, though I am not sure what was really the case. What I think was the case was the directive called proxy_buffering. It is now set to off. Also, what might solve this problem is setting proxy_buffer_size size. Here is the official documentation about this directive.


I had this error trying to run Celery, and i had exactly the opposite problem. I changed my user from root to www-data and that solved it.

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