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I should have posted this answer a long time ago, as I've had my site working for quite a while now. But here's how I got my configuration to work. After fiddling around a lot with the Nginx configuration, I got pretty frustrated and gave up. So, I deleted that server, made a new one, with fresh installations of everything, and cloned the source code for my ...


As a general rule it is always a good idea to run workers and that kind of thing under a separate user which is specifically only given the permissions it requires in order to run. Running things as root is usually easier as you rarely have to worry about permissions issues, but it is always less secure as anything that can successfully exploit your ...


I'm also wondering what is the best approach to tackle a task that takes a long time to compute? Asynchronously? This is what worker queues are for. You should consider separating the submission of the files from processing. Let the user submit the files, save them off, add a message to a worker queue to process them, indeed asynchronously. The user gets ...


I see no-one has answered, so I typed your question into Google and found this page. Have you tried increasing all applicable timeouts as it suggests? That seems like the first thing to do.

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