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Two things: Linux only reads partition tables when disks are initially detected by the system (i.e. at boot time or when connected later). You can use the partprobe command to rescan the partition table on demand. N.B. On some distributions partprobe has problems with rescanning the partition table of the boot drive and a reboot may be required. After ...


The photo looks like your system is an HP ProLiant DL360 G6 or G7 1U rackmount server. I saw your note about defective HP disks. I work with a considerable number of HP servers and haven't seen this as a widespread problem. I do think that you could provide more information about the Smart Array RAID controller's status during the system's POST process. ...


You need 3rd party software to do this. One program that can do this is ImDisk. ImDisk will create a new drive letter which you can make a link to from any folder you want: mklink /D C:\somePath E:\somePath.

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