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I'm going to hazard it's the reset button. ISO 7000:2012 - 1027 states the following of the symbol. To identify the control that returns the machine mode to a previously determined operating condition or resets the content of an electronic file.


This is how SAS expanders work. You're technically oversubscribed, but in reality, you shouldn't be. Your WD2003FYYS disks link at 3.0Gbps, but are only capable of 1.2Gbps/disk. Your Supermicro drive backplane/expander has 16 ports with 6.0Gbps downlinks to the drives, but a single SFF-8087 uplink to the controller. From what I can tell, this backplane ...


if all 4 are next to each other, would it then be possible to Fibre Channel cascade them and have a RAID 6 across the nodes? No, they're not disk shelves, they're full servers with their own CPUs, memory, DAS disks - it's the software that clusters them into pairs for resilience - so no you can't just FC-connect them all together. Oh and 'multiplex' ...


What OS are you running? Regardless of the OS, you should install the HP drivers and management agents appropriate for the OS. If using an unsupported OS, you may not be able to do this (but you should be using a supported OS) Fan speed and thermal monitoring is controlled by the ILO. Ensure that the ILO itself is up-to-date (version 2.02, as of this ...

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