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I think it depends on what is the resource utilization on your current system. Are you noticing CPU/Memory/Disk-IO/Network saturation or frequent spikes ? If yes then you will benefit with faster machine, otherwise I don't think it will make any noticeable difference. You should be able to see the difference by monitoring site latency from your webserver ...


My hosting company told me they do not use SSD because they did not see a significant change in performance over their 15k SAS HDD drives. They are drunk, idiots, on drugs or simply used a benchmark making little sense or being too specific (like a web server that will not see a large difference - compared to a databsae server for example). A lot ...


The question is if the app scales well on multiple cores. I.e. is one user connecting to the server able to saturate all cores. Since we know little about the app itself, you would have to provide more detail, or do some tests with some load graph.

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