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As others have stated, it's not possible to perform HTTP redirection with DNS alone. DNS and HTTP work together to redirect a user from one web page to another. You can use DNS by itself to make domain A show the same content as domain B, but the web browser will show domain A in the URL. You need to be very careful with this as it's quite bad from an SEO ...


One option could be to use an OAUTH authentication approach that includes access to the auth hosts storage. For example you authenticate your users using Google OAUTH and obtain permission to store the assets in their cloud drive storage. Not exactly unlimited however asking for a hosting service that you can sync to that provides unlimited media storage ...


Kvm (Keyboard Video Mouse) is needed when your server does not come online or has issues while booting. Using kvm, you can access your server through vnc and troubleshoot.


You can use RADb as a tool to do this. First, you will need to find the provider's autonomous system number (AS number). To do this, first find any IP address for the provider. For this example I will use well known provider Hetzner. $ host www.hetzner.de www.hetzner.de has address www.hetzner.de has IPv6 address 2a01:4f8:d0a:2001::3 Then ...


Do it in your appserver. The AWS load balancer is pretty dumb; it doesn't do much of anything other than take requests and forward them. Configure your appserver to respond "appropriately" (404, 403, whatever) to requests that don't have an appropriate Host header, and Google will get the message pretty quick.

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