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That server predates Ubuntu! It's too old :) But honestly, you'll need an old HP Firmware disk or a supported operating system to run firmware updates on that controller. Here are the controller updates. Remember, this server went end-of-life in 2004 or 2005, so it's a decade old. Firmware updates weren't as important back then, so you're probably not ...


No, that model didn't ship with an SD card slot. In terms of your actual problem do you mean HP P2000? if so which version and which connectivity option (i.e. FC, SAS etc.) The DL180 G6 shipped with a few disk controller options (P410, on-board etc.) but I'm pretty sure no standard configuration offered external SAS ports so we could do with knowing the ...


You can do this live with the HP Smart Storage Administrator utility for your operating system. The process is called an array transformation.


Last sunday, I formatted and reinstalled SO using the B120i in AHCI mode. I've used the Linux MD for RAID, and I've got better results. Now, the read rate is about 300 MB/s, and the copy rate from the disks to a LTO-4 tape is about 140 MB/s. It's copying 1 TB to tape in 2h30. It's not the best solution (I would like to use the B120 RAID mode), but for now ...

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