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I'm not familiar with VMX Explorer, but I've used Vmware vCenter Converter before and it worked quite well. The converter is a free download from Vmware and it also let's you to customize your VM during the migration, so you may consider using it instead.


I'm not familiar with VMX Explorer, but VMWare deliberately and artificially cripples the bandwidth available to tools like scp over any management interfaces, so I suspect it is probably using something like that to transfer the files between the hosts. Don't bother spending any money on hardware for this. Instead use an approved method of transferring the ...


Turned out it was a very strange problem, but I was able to reproduce. The MMC, running Task Scheduler snap in, was executing a task where it should run a batch file to clean up a shared file transfer directory. The power failure broke in while it was running, and for some reason the Security Catalog (C:\Windows\System32\catroot2) got corrupt. It seems it ...

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