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It isn't the OS that uses ephemeral ports; it's the application. The operating system isn't really the determining factor in that. Having said that, @Charles has a good answer for trying to keep the server from being overwhelmed when trying to schedule new incoming requests.


As far as I know, IBM i and it's predecessors use the entire range of ports from 1024 to 65535. Is the imaging service also written in house? Or it a vendor app? Many native IBM i applications use separate processes (known as jobs) instead of a multi-threaded single process to handle client server activity. Since starting a new process is relativity ...


There is a AboutThisProfile.txt in the profile's logs directory, which contains a lot of information about the profile, e.g. the location, profile name, host name, port numbers, ... Regarding the version, you can run versionInfo.[sh|bat] in the product's bin directory.

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