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I just had problems setting up an IBM x346 server 2 days ago so perhaps my experience will be helpful. I found the 2 key elements to do were: 1) Upgrade the server bios (there are downloadable files on IBM's site - including one that works off a CD since getting a boot floppy is hard work these days :-) ) 2) If your machine has an IBM RAID controller, ...


Just like Keith said, you can do this by loading the kernel IPMI. You can do this or via Nagios, but I recommend you try out Pandora FMS and their take on IPMI. Pandora FMS is a lesser known monitoring solution I've been testing and tinkering around with, and I'm starting to recommend it as an alternative to others.


You can use one of the various check_ipmi variants run via NRPE or check_by_ssh (at least in Linux) if you load the kernel IPMI module. Start by loading (i.e., modprobe) ipmi_devintf and ipmi_si. Some of the checks use ipmitools, others might use openipmi or freeipmi. You'll have to hunt around for one that meets your needs. (They may also be able to ...

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