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Answering to your question about setting disks in fault state: the Storage Manager Client allows you to maually fail a disk. In the main menu, go to "Advanced" -> "Recovery" -> "Fail drive"


Here is the steps how to remotely reset the IBM IMM password - http://nuttycloud.com/how-to-remote-ibm-server-imm-console-password-reset-steps/


I actually asked someone at IBM about this and was told two things: ISA 4.x really isn't officially supported any more, so I'm going to have trouble getting any help. Most of the experts at IBM use PMAT (IBM Pattern Modeling and Analysis Tool for Java Garbage Collector) anyways, so why don't I try that? I did and am VERY happy with it. It's very ...


I successfully moved some Windows 2000 machines from bare hardware to Linux/KVM, so this is surely possible. I suggest you the following procedure: using "ntbackup" utility, backup all data from system disk. Check ntbackup advanced options to be really sure to backup all files take note of Windows 2000 SP level and machine type (eg: ACPI uniprocessor, you ...

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