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Indeed, the machine is EOL twice over, it's time for it to go. If you insist on keeping it around, you might be able to find an old SATA or SAS controller on ebay, which will fit a slot on the server's mobo, and use that controller with new drives. But again, this machine isn't worth the power it is consuming and the cost of a new controller too.


I would dump the server. It's 10+ years old. So your options for newer disks are extremely limited. SATA was introduced on server chipsets around the time this server was released. I wouldn't put much hope in using those ports. Your best option is to add another period-correct SCSI drive. They're readily available on eBay.


This landing page is dynamically generated by the traveler servlet. The servlet can be found in Domino-program-directory\Travler\lib- Directory. It is a java- archive called traveler.jar. You can try to "reverse engineer" that, but as the code is only there as compiled class- files, I do not see much of a chance to do this. The only thing "readable" I ...


Power off machine and press F1 while booting. As you saw, it will be ok.

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