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As per @HBruijn's comment, Gmail only supports retrieving email through POP3, not IMAP. This has been confirmed on their product forums Both Gmail and Dovecot support POP3 over SSL, which you should be able to use by opening port 995 on your firewalls, and directing Gmail at it.


SF problem with SU solution :D Ensure thunderbird computer can't connect to IMAP server (turn off wifi/pull the LAN cable). You don't want to Thunderbird synchronize itself with outdated backup. Run Thunderbird. While offline, copy new email from IMAP account in Thunderbird to Thunderbird Local Folder. It will backup the email to your computer. Connect ...


There you go (from imap-commands.c)! Hope it helps yoi alot! static const struct command imap4rev1_commands[] = { { "CAPABILITY", cmd_capability, 0 }, { "LOGOUT", cmd_logout, COMMAND_FLAG_BREAKS_MAILBOX }, { "NOOP", cmd_noop, COMMAND_FLAG_BREAKS_SEQS }, { "APPEND", cmd_append, COMMAND_FLAG_BREAKS_SEQS }, ...


Check this page for IMAP testing example https://workaround.org/ispmail/lenny/test-fetching-with-imap-and-pop3


Be sure you are at rev 3.11.1 of claws-mail. If not try terminal: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:claws-mail && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install claws-mail On my system, the 3.11.1 install replaced current install. Bring claws-mail up, check the rev, go to configuration>preferences tab (basic) box1 'yourname', box2 'yourname', ...


From what I understand is that this is a problem that occurs because of 2 reasons - (1) You have IMAP configured on your built-in Gmail client, and (2) You are moving around, so your phone keeps connecting to cell towers, and keeps creating new Sessions with your Email server. Solution (this works perfectly for me) is to discard the on-board client and ...


If you set up the servers like it was described in the ispconfig documentation then all the emails are in the folder /var/vmail/. You only have to backup this folder along with all subfolders. A restore can be done by doing a copy of the old mailbox folder content in there again. The structure is like this: /var/vmail/domain.com/before_at_sign


First remove syslog from dovecot has it's critical to have syslog clean as dovecot produce a lot of log so log it separately (rsyslog) is your friend to make your log rotate. If you use dovecot with multi files configuration (debian) just go to 10-logging.... Don t forget to make a check with grep log *.conf on all configuration files to be sure that ...

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