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You have doubled imap_acl in the config, dovecot try to link that library twice protocol imap { mail_max_userip_connections = 20 mail_plugins = acl imap_acl imap_acl }


If you run an nmap on the record, mail.mydomain.com is the port 143 listed as an open port ? 143 is the default imap account port. For you to receive emails, both parts need to be listed as open. Run a telnet mail. mydomain.com 110/143


Will my existing users notice any visual difference when they login to their accounts AFA if they have already created folders or sub-folders under the Inbox? Yes, all the subfolders won't be accessible anymore, unless you convert them yourself or let it do automatically. To convert, have a look at the convert capability of doveadm sync. Assuming that ...


i noticed you can't create sub-folders under the INBOX... not really sure why that is so. It's because the mbox format does not support subfolders. "The MBOX format limits your clients to creating subfolders that can either store folders, or emails, not both." See ...

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