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I prefer one-liners for this type of stuff. This is a one-liner version of the most accepted answer. This works if you have your MySQL username and password set in ~/.my.cnf. D=your_db; for t in $(mysql $D -B -e 'SHOW TABLES'); do mysql $D -e "ALTER TABLE $t ENGINE=MyISAM"; done


default behavior is all in one, if you looking to separate it you need to read following: MySQL :: MySQL 5.6 Reference Manual :: 14.5.2 InnoDB File-Per-Table Mode


The following my.ini for mysql 5.6 causes the "private bytes" to go from 630MB down to 20MB and the "working set" from 450MB down to 21MB on a Windows 7 64 bit machine. The performance of a mysql server configured like this is probably going to be very bad, but technically, if you want it to occupy as little memory as possible, then this is the answer. # ...

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