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If we are talking about just a web address, then you should run the both systems parallel. Make your changes and allow DNS to propagate. After a sufficient amount of time turn off the retiring system and make sure everything is working properly to new server. Leave yourself some time before the retirement date just in case something goes wrong. UPDATE: ...


This is a site for professionals, but you've shown a reasonable amount of effort in your diagnostics. You most likely have a misconfigured gateway or invalid DNS servers entries. To get everything to work it should be the following. While your server is set to automatic look at your settings - using ipconfig /all from a command prompt - note the gateway ...


If you are using google chrome or chrome based browser right click anywhere in the page and click inspect element or (Control + Shift + I) if on windows, the click the "network" tab, change the no throttling option to the speed of your choice... Am sure you will be fine as long as the DevTools are open. you will find similar option on other browsers.


you will need to make the .net server the authoritative server for .com domain for that to work, otherwise when you turn the .com server off we wont be able to resolve your hosts. this seems to be a good place to start

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