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This is why you normally assign different host names, or maybe different subdomains, to your different interfaces. Assume your hostnames are host001 and host002, and your network looks like this: <-----internet --------+------------------------------+-------whatever else---> | | ...


It is not clear what and why do you need to do. If you have 2 network cards, your machine will have 2 network connections and 2 IP addresses. When you communicate with some other machine via IP address of that machine, your server will choose outgoing interface based on the local routing policy, e.g. metric. Example 1: you are connected to 2 networks: ...


You would probably do this with routing - have one subnet on port A and another subnet on port B. Then the OS will route the packets through the correct interface according to the service it needs to reach.


if you do have a public server there is a number of ways to achieve what you want. easiest solution is to use SSH tunnels. But you need to have a one time access from REMOTE to setup the tunnel. using the command: ssh you@your-public-server.org -N -o TCPKeepAlive -R 12321:ip-of-remote:22 then everytime you connect from HOME to your-public-server.org at ...

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