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didiag.exe is safe to run on a production machine. It's a reporting tool only and doesn't attempt to take corrective actions (stopping / starting services, making configuration changes, etc).


There can be many different reasons why Zabbix server cannot connect to Zabbix agent (wrong IP or DNS, wrong agent port, wrong item type, firewall, etc.), and many of these cases are described on the Troubleshooting page at Please try to check the suggestions there.


You're confusing the top half of the interrupt with the bottom half. It's perfectly normal for the top half of the interrupt to run on a different core from the bottom half. When a hardware interrupt occurs, you are in whatever context happened to be running. It's critical that you release that context as quickly as possible so that you aren't hijacking a ...


No, dcdiag.exe will not interfere with any services.


While only a directed benchmark can really reply to your question, the safest bet is to run IRQs and application on the same CPU/socket, but on different cores. In this manner, available CPU power is maximized and, at the same time, the L3 cache common in all recent servers enables fast data sharing between IRQs and application. If you really are interested ...

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