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Removal of dynamic IP addresses from the Spamhaus blocklist is not desirable. The RFCs support such blocking, and these blocks allow a lot of spam to be blocked. Spamhaus documentation covers this blocking set. I commend your ISP on providing their dynamic IP addresses to Spamhaus and putting a block on their removal. Properly configured mail servers ...


I can't see how adding an A record like this serves any meaningful purpose. It's hard to come up with pros for a practice that appears completely misguided. As for cons, for the owner of the domain name it's pretty much just that the name in question resolves to an address that will not provide much in terms of services ( will almost assuredly not do ...


I have this one too- IP : | Subnet : Range : - here is a link to a calculator: http://www.subnet-calculator.com/cidr.php

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