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Even though CPU was the third thing I checked, and I wrote this: The Mikrotik is at around 25%-33% CPU usage when doing these transfer tests Which is confirmed by the CPU graph I've had it confirmed by external resources (i.e. a bunch of other support forums and blogs) that most Mikrotik routers just cannot push more than 11Mbps of IPSec traffic ...


I can confirm that the culprit is the CPU. Here I benchmarked a Mikrotik RB750GL and I measured 12 Mb/s with AES-128 traffic (and only 6.0 Mb/s with 3DES). Your result seems perfectly in-line with what recorded by me.


but doing a traceroute from the pfsense machine to an ip in the encryption domain range sends the traffic out over the internet This is a clear indication that you do not have your IPsec Phase 2 entries configured correctly. IPsec matches traffic purely on source/dest IP subnet, and if it's not sending your desired traffic down the tunnel, you have a ...


I've been having this exact same issue. As per this [IKEv1 can't connect from Android's default vpn client], there is a bug in the current Android VPN IKEv1 client that happens if aggressive mode is selected and a "IPsec identifier" is used to configure the Android client. The solution is to clear the "IPsec identifier" entry from the android client and in ...

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