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This is my working config: ipsec.conf: conn rw-ikev1 left=%any leftsubnet=,::0/0 leftauth=pubkey leftcert="hubud2.pem" leftid=@xxx.atw.hu right=%any rightauth=pubkey rightauth2=xauth-radius rightgroups="cn=vpn_users_trusted/ou=roles/dc=y7/dc=hu" rightsourceip=,2a01:270:1035:ff::/120 ...


I went throught this article to get a better understanding of what your configuration is. Your local computer (or the server from which the tunnel will be initiated) should be listed in "Endpoint 1" as well "local Tunnel Computer". The "remote tunnel computer" box should have the IP address of your router where the tunnel is terminated. The servers that you ...

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