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Without receiver (Fortigate) logs it is difficult to give a definite answer. Let's begin with the obvious: reconfigure your VPN in main mode (not aggressive mode) and change type from transport to tunnel. Re-try connection and, if possible, give us the Fortigate logs.


SOLVED! ANSWER: DO NOT OVERWORK entire week long 16-18hours a day until 4:30am and expect your brain to not be FRIED! IT WAS A STUPID WINDOWS FIREWALL ISSUE!!! YES, I "THOUGHT" I had disabled it but apparently I was too sleepy to have noticed I only disabled domain and maybe outgoing but not incoming firewall! OK, I'm going to try and get some sunlight ...


Basically, a VPN-connected client appear as a "normal" network node, so it should be pingable/reacheable. That said, it really depends on the IPSec policies installed during client/server negotiation. If client/server negotiate a bi-directional policy (and no NAT is applied), the client will be visible. For example, I had similar configs both with a ...


Phase2 refers to when the VPN endpoint exchange information about the protected LAN segments and the protocol to be used for encryption/authentication of these segments. Typically, you have Phase2 error when: the two VPN endpoint have different views of what should be routed inside the VPN when the ENC/AUTH protocols do not match. Let me do an example: ...

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