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If you reject the packet, you reply to the incoming SYN with a RST packet, so the scanner knows the port is closed (via reject, or because no service is running on that port). If you drop the packets, the scanner waits, and after some time (timeout), it assumes the packets have been dropped (although, they may be lost in transit, or the machine on the far ...


Issue this command to activate iptables on every runlevel: chkconfig iptables on and after that, you can save your rules with "iptables save" (as you do normally) and it will keep it after restart the service as you want. service iptables restart


NAT redirection doesn't work on traffic both from and to localhost. Try from another system on the LAN. Edit: Try looking at this question, which deals with getting unprivileged daemons to listen on privileged ports. The first answer is of no help, but the next one down should be. As for whether telling you that it doesn't work is not helpful, you are ...


/proc/sys/net/ipv4/icmp_echo_ignore_all set to a non zero number will not respond to IPv4 pings, IPv6 doesn't seem to have the same amount of options. Other options and values can be found here

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