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You are missing the IANA recovered pool ranges from APNIC there. But I would say blocking half the internet is quite rigorous. A common approach would be to install a firewall / fail2ban / ddos-filter / modsecurity / etc.


Whilst the most correct answer is Michael Hampton's comment that you should get IPv6 to your OpenVPN server, you could instead cause the OpenVPN server to push a route for 2000::/3, and then reject any IPv6 traffic that arrives. You may need to twiddle what sort of rejection you send back to cause the client to fallback to IPv4 rather than just saying ...


As others have said, you can use the AnyIP mechanism to route arriving packets for an entire subnet to the localhost interface, but keep in mind that you'll also need to get your upstream router to route all of the desired packets to this machine in the first place. This can be done simply with routing table entries on the router, or via BGP. ARP is not ...

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