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Because: Very, very bad things will happen if someone gains unauthorized access to your storage network Very, very bad things will happen if you have your iSCSI traffic not separated, and someone finds it a great idea to muck around with the STP topology at an edge switch, with the result of your entire network AND your storage subsystem going down at once ...


Because not doing so allows regular traffic to impact on storage traffic, which is a bad idea as it means that say a user's download could delay an important read or write.


No there wont be any down time, this really is a standard thing to do now in enterprise, where always up availability is key. LVM does this expansion in the background and it is pretty much instant, it wont have any effect on services, I do this once or twice a week on my estate and haven't had a problem yet


You don't want side effects from traffic disturb your SAN access. We have a small VMWare VSphere environment where we at first had both VMotion and iSCSI traffic going through the same switches on the same network. Different network adapters, but the same network. A bug in ESXi 5.0 made the hosts randomly lose access to the iSCSI SAN whenever a longer ...

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