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EDIT: Ok, so event 113 is KB972107, which is a fairly generic class of problems, but the "...network stack is not fully prepared" caught my attention. Then we see the more interesting event 103. See this experts-exchange post with a similar issue... If I attach them while the server si running, everything appears to function correctly, but if I reboot, ...


In ESXi you need to specify which interface you would to use, otherwise ping is routed via the mgmt interface, plus in -d to set DF (do not fragment): vmkping -I vmkX -s 8972 -d x.x.x.x http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1003728


After further research and some discussions with storage experts, the culprit has been found. Even though the host was running a single virtual machine and that vm was the only client reading and writing the storage array, the built-in Hyper-V storage and networking load balancer was kicking in and throttling back the vm. When the load balancer was ...

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