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I ended up plugging iSCSI target directly from the VM, using iSCSI initiator & multipath.


I have two solution which work stable. And i did nothing which is not supported by (citrix) xenserver. NAS4FREE: Normal install on Dell T20 with 8 GB ECC-Ram; 4 * 3 TB HDs as raid-z1 (one spare). Service iSCSI activated. One lun with 2 TB as vm-storage, one lun for nightly cron backup of vms (snapshot) 2 TB and one lun for heartbeat 2 GB. Today installed ...


iscsi is the client application. iscsid is the daemon application. You use iscsi to connect to the iscsid. UPDATE iscsid is the service that runs on a server that holds the LVM(s) that will be shared to the clients. iscsi is the client application that connects to iscsid server.


STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING!! If you go down this road, you're going to have file corruption and likely data loss. You can't "share" an iSCSI volume across two servers like this, except in very specific situations. Sadly none of cases will work for you since you've got a Windows 2003 server. I won't get in to the discussion of why you still have something like ...


It may sound like heresy in 2015 but I actually quite like Windows Server 2012R2 as a NAS, and I'm in a 98%+ Linux environment. It supports NFS up to 4.1 and SMB 3.0 (including 'Continuous Availability' if configured right), obviously deals with all manner of authentication, can be configured into a failover cluster, runs great in a VM when vmtools are ...


You can use iSCSI (with multipathing) to mount your SAN's storage into VMware, then use that storage for a VM which acts as a fileserver - take your pick of OS options (Windows, Linux/Samba). To all intents and purposes, your fileserver then becomes "just another VM" on your VMware cluster, and can - if you have your cluster set up correctly - use all of ...


The obvious stuff to check is: Antivirus software. Your AV software may be causing this problem. Faulty hardware. Defective RAM or CPU can cause this to happen. (In this case, though I would usually expect to see many other blue screens with different bug checks.) A driver bug. Since it seems to be a Microsoft Windows driver, this will require follow-up ...

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