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What I read and what I understand suggest to me that in either case you're likely to end up with corruption unless you're using a cluster-aware file system such as CSVFS. I'm not a Synology user, but I do work with iSCSI and Failover Clusters. I would say that in your case, allowing multiple sessions will be the most appropriate option. Adding a new target ...


I have a Linux server running SLES11 SP4 which uses open-iscsi and multipathing to connect to a LUN that is presented from an Open-E DSS v7 storage cluster with active/passive failover. Ping Open-E unfortunately very close to being just missing support. These guys use fork-out from SCST target with some serious mods so everything people will recommend ...


Figured out there was a really obscure process using the drive. Microsoft Shadow Backup


Despite the network config that led to the situation, this remains a legit question: what's the best way to get an ESXi host to see its iSCSI storage again without a reboot? Note: I wasn't able to actually get this to work because my entire network stack was FUBAR and I needed to reboot ESXi to get it back anyhow. I'm posting this as an answer because what ...

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