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Tracepath shows no problem reaching the host itself (taken the hostname from your config file). But when trying to reach port 21 of your host tcpdump shows: 07:18:15.545762 IP my.router.48912 > your.host.ftp: Flags [S], seq 1872206172, win 29200, options [mss 1460,sackOK,TS val 621547848 ecr 0,nop,wscale 7], length 0 07:18:16.034781 IP your.host > ...


After removing phpmyadmin completely and reïnstalling it again, it started working without any further problems. I still have no idea why this happend, but at least it's working now so I'm answering my own question to be able to close it. Thanks to everyone who took the time to look at this problem.


Solved thanks to ISPConfig FB Admin. Solution is actually pretty simple: Enable vhost subdomains under System > Interface config and then add the subdomain as vhost subdmain.


Most systems are configured to send mails of system events like the output of Cron tasks or failed sudo attempts to itself. These are sent mostly to the root user. If you are interested in these mails you should set up a catch all address for these mails.


I guess your are using Apache2 as a backend so you need to modify DocumentRoot in it's config as well. Also take a look into actual nginx error_log for your domain.

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