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As you can find in the mailing list post, there is another option: You can use a pre script to detect if is previously partitioned or not and then use something similar to: %pre #!/bin/sh Discover condition if condition; then echo "part /boot --fstype ext3 --size=100 -- >> /tmp/part-include echo "part pv.100000 --size=1 --grow -- ...


I was recently asked to look at doing just this and as part of searching for a solution I found this Q&A. As Michael says out-of-band is preferred but it's not always available. I looked at snake server that Dawud suggests. It works but is unloved and there are errors in it's documentation. I wouldn't recommend using it. I asked on IRC #centos and ...


You have to point to /sda1 because when you boot from USB sda is the USB, sdb is the first hard disk and so on

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