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just tell anaconda to ignore missing packages %packages --ignoremissing you will have to consult the ks anaconda file to see what was actually installed one more option might be to add a conflicts group to the exclusion -@Conflicts (Workstation) to exclude packages which conflict in workstation installation for example. EDIT After re-reading your ...


You can always try to do 32.7. Post-installation Script and install whatever after you done with your initial install.


Make a nochroot %post snippet and move the hostname in there instead: %post --nochroot echo $hostname > /mnt/sysimage/home/hostname If $hostname variable changes, then echo the $hostname in %pre to temporary location, and then move the file in %post --nochroot instead. This is because %pre takes place before you install, and you've got no ...


But as I said the ISO is spin using CentOS 6.4 base and it should not impact the kickstart installation. You need to verify this. Try with a standard ISO. If it still gives the error, you told it to only clear sda: # Partition clearing information clearpart --all --initlabel --drives=sda Change to: clearpart --all --initlabel and try again.


I found a potential problem: "iso_url": "", The CentOS "minimal" disk is customized and may do unexpected things, as it was intended and customized only to install a single set of packages. It should not be used with a kickstart installation; use the netinstall or DVD images instead.


If you're receiving an error message similar to the following in your EL6 kickstart, you'll need to add zerombr to the kickstart command set. You should also have this instead: zerombr clearpart --all --initlabel From the documentation: zerombr: If zerombr is specified any invalid partition tables found on disks are initialized. This destroys ...

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