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First, it's not necessary (and looks very bad) to use a shell script to start up a process in a systemd unit. Nor is it necessary to call a Python interpreter explicitly, if your Python script has the correct line at the top of it. Start by cleaning up the unit file: [Service] #... ExecStart=/usr/local/py-kms-master/server.py 1688 -v ...


Just thought to follow up this question with an answer :-) I was looking at the wrong count: I was looking at the "Total requests received" instead of the "Current Count" The reason the Current Count is not increasing is because I forgot to set the generalize option during my sysprep so all the CMID's where the same and not unique like they need to be for ...


Your key for 2012 will not work on 2012 R2. Log into your volume license portal and get a key for 2012 R2.

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