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Here is a serious problem: <domain type='qemu'> This should appear as: <domain type='kvm'> If this is set to qemu, then qemu will run the machine without any sort of hardware virtualization support. Without this option set, qemu will not be told to enable KVM hardware acceleration. This is fine for, e.g. emulating non-Intel processors, but ...


The only thing you are missing is to quiesce the guest filesystem before taking the snapshot, to ensure that it is consistent. This can be done with virsh domfsfreeze if you are using libvirtd. For example, the order of operations is: # Freeze guest filesystems virsh domfsfreeze $VM_NAME # Create snapshot qemu-img create -f qcow2 -b $VM_NAME.qcow2 ...


It sounds like network-manager is reverting the interface back to dhcp because it's not aware of the config change. Rather than doing ifup/ifdown restart the network-manager service: sudo service network-manager restart If network-manager isn't installed check to see if dhclient is still running. If it is stop it and try restarting the interface ...


KVM (or, rather, qemu, which provides the emulated devices inside the VM) can provide an emulated keyboard/mouse/screen over VNC. That will allow you to interact with the VM's console as though it were a physical machine you were sitting in front of.


The VNC connection you speak of is not a service in the guest, it's a console connection to the hypervisor, and has nothing to do with whether the guest OS is up or not. RDP depends on the guest OS (Windows) services to be up and running, especially networking. I suspect what happens is your Windows guest doesn't bring up some parts of it's network stack ...


You could try with <target dev='sda' bus='scsi'/> (removing the controller reference) and see if the disk appears during the installation. The best configuration would be <target dev='vda' bus='virtio'/>, but for that you would need the virtio drivers from Fedora; see also http://serverfault.com/a/650681/100793 .

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