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No, it doesn't work like that. Among the reasons is that for a single thread, you can never get more than the 2 GHz clock speed one single core offers and virtualization is no trick around this fundamental restriction.


So my first question is: when running under KVM, would Windows Server 2012 R2 "think" that it running under virtual, or physical environment? It does not matter what Windows "thinks" it is running under. It is running in a virtual machine, and that is what is important licensing-wise.


help site includes info for using ipmitool and asmc4 both of which I cannot find on my machine Why not install them? With ipmitool(1) installed you could reset your BMC by typing $ sudo ipmitool mc reset cold — it often helps me when I deal with freezed IPMI/BMC.


In my case the problem is with hardware virtualization disabled in BIOS. Also I was in a state that I can't turn that on. Replacing 'kvm' with 'qemu' fixed my problem.

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