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Being RAW, the file contain a plain bit-level representation of the data inside it. In other words, RAW disks are always "compatible", because they contain no special structure/headers. What really matter, even with RAW disks, it the virtual hardware supported: a more recent QEMU version can present to the guest, by default, some virtualized hardware that ...


If you want the exact same output, you need a separate disk controller with a separate disk attached, connected via pci-passthrough to the guest. A virtio disk image is NOT the same disk as the physical drive it resides on. It's just an image, with it's own metadata. The virtio framework probably doesn't even supply the metadata hdparm queries for, because ...


Either you bridge the VM iface to the "external" network, or you set up iptables and create a DNAt entry for the ports needed.


I've found the culprit. We've an USB-over-IP Server (Longshine LCS-US204) in our environment. The client software was installed on that specific VM. After uninstalling the client software the CPU load on the host went down to an adequate level. Seems that it was searching for connections all the time. Removing all virtio-serial devices brought another small ...

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