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A bit old here but i answer anyway : [global] workgroup = smb netbios name = SERVEUR security = share share modes = yes [homes] comment = Home Directories browsable = no read only = no create mode = 0750


You can see that the rj45 plug has the blue wires in the center whereas on the patch panel they are on the side. I know you explained why you have a patch panel on one end and a plug on the other, but it's generally not a good idea to mix both types. On both ends of the cable should be either a female or a male end. The reason for this is that patch ...


Well after trying all of your great suggestions, I called our ISP again to have them look into the problem. It turns out there was an issue within the handoff to another ISP. The cable has been replaced, and all is well now. Thank you for the help! Josh

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