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No, System-only attributes are not writable. I also don't think there would be a reasonable business need to do so.


The whenChanged attribute is system-only; it can never be updated by user action. You'd need to directly manipulate the database to change it.


Anonymous LDAP queries are usually disabled on Active Directory domain controllers, and for very good security reasons. Any authenticated user can perform LDAP queries (as long as they are only reading non-sensitive data); the best approach is thus to create a generic user account for this purpose and use it whenever some application or device needs to ...


In addition to the missing type parameter, note also that the property in the service configuration is named 'sudoer', not 'sudoers'. Also, it is necessary to refresh the service after changing its configuration. # svccfg -s system/name-service/switch svc:/system/name-service/switch> setprop config/sudoer = astring: "files ldap" ...


The source port (initiating port) is variable (changes every time), but is also irrelevant in this case; when you use "port 636" as your filter, that will match either source or destination port, and we know that the destination port will always be 636 in this case. So: capture on port 636. If you needed to capture on another port as well, say 389: ...


It seems you're testing the LDAP bind with a different dn than what postgres constructs: cn=test user,ou=users,dc=example,dc=hyd,dc=com vs "cn=" + "test" + ", ou=users, dc=example, dc=hyd, dc=com" i.e. "test" doesn't match "test user"

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