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You need to set DHCP Options List for the host. Like this for standard DHCP: host **foobar** { hardware ethernet c0:18:85:e3:13:31; fixed-address; option domain-name "****"; option host-name "foobar"; ddns-hostname "****"; } EDIT Like this for libvirt: Please note you must have the patch for libvirt as this Bug ...


Failing migration due to too-busy VMs has been recognized as a problem. Unfortunately, while qemu provides a solution, it is not exposed via the libvirt API, and is thus unavailable to OpenStack. Qemu's solution is called auto-convergence. This means that, if a VM is so busy that the migration is predicted to never complete, the execution of the VM will be ...


If you don't have the xml for the running vm (eg. after transient migration), you can do virsh dumpxml vm_name > vm_name.xml virsh define vm_name.xml To check: virsh list --all --persistent The VM should now be listed. Or virsh dominfo vm_name There should be a line with 'Persistent: yes'.

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