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You can check the contents of /etc/ppp/chap-secrets. The username and password that can connect to the VPN server are stored there. The contents of the file should look like this: $ cat /etc/ppp/chap-secrets # Secrets for authentication using CHAP # client server secret IP addresses username1 pptpd password1 * username2 pptpd ...


Seems you have a weak password and cracked,the man post your ip and your pass somewhere, making your vpn server a public server,please rename your user and pass。 应该是菊花给爆了,微博观光团。


An easy way to check the memory usage on your server is to install a tool called htop. htop will give you the vitals of your server on a per-process basis. In your case where you want to check memory, you could load htop and hit M to sort by Memory (or > to pick a category). Once you find out which of your applications is using the most memory(I'm ...


For some reason you are running into the maxclients parameter. Do you have any more information as of amount of requests per second when the server goes down? It looks like your swap is being filled completely, causing the server to crash. Do you have any info on which components are using how much memory?

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