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OpenVZ is great and provides a secure, stable, and easy to use solution for containers. However, there is also Linux Containers which are built into Linux and a lot of progress has been made in recent kernel releases. Linux containers have many user space utilities you can use including lxc, vzctl (from OpenVZ), libvirt, and docker. Linux containers allow ...


OpenVZ does exactly what you ask for. It creates containers that are 100% independent from one another but shares the same modified kernel. The only drawback versus full virtualization is that you cannot install anything other than Linux when using containers.


I found the answer, the reason it was using writev() when using a web browser was because the browser sent headers requesting gzip. I disabled gzip on the server and now images are sent using sendfile() to wget, curl, and browsers. Mission accomplished! #gzip on; #gzip_comp_level 9; #gzip_types *;


Yes, you're running multiple user-lands but only one kernel, which means the kernel has the full view of all memory management and can most efficiently split it up between the running containers, based on their CPU shares, etc. To the kernel, a container is just another process that needs access to the hardware. Each container process just happens to use a ...

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