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That is one of the reasons sudo exists. Simply allow your users to run 1 single command with only the pre-authorized command-line options and most obvious circumventions are solved. e.g. #/etc/sudoers %users ALL = (some_uid) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/ssh -i /home/some_uid/.ssh/remote-host.key username@remotehost sets up sudo so all members of the group users ...


You're probably missing the [supervisord] section in the file. See this.


In bash, if the extendedglob option is set (it is by default), you can negate a glob pattern by wrapping it in parentheses and prepending a bang (!). For example, !(*.gz) matches all items whose names don't end with .gz. See the Pathname Expansion subsection in the EXPANSION section in the bash manual page for more information. In zsh, if the extglob option ...

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