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You could probably bend 'fail2ban' to your desires, using a custom filter to detect successful logins, and a custom action to add iptables rules for the detected source IP rather than banning them. It's a bit odd so you'd want some really good comments in your configuration for the next person coming along to be able to understand what on earth you were ...


Check the contents of the init script, /etc/init.d/abc. When called with the reload command, it should at least stop writing to it by closing its corresponding file descriptor (that by this time would point to the path /var/log/abc/xyz.log.1) and start writing freshly to /var/log/abc/xyz.log.


There are lots of possible causes of the problem - the most likely being bottlnecks between providers, or between points of presence in a providers network. There are a number of tools which can help with diagnosing the problems, but no single bullet. The easiest tool to use is MTR, which combines traceroute and ping to show latencies and packet loss. ...

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