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A complete answer from host could include IPv6 addresses. strace -f host on Linux suggest these arrive in a separate packet. It looks like host also queries MX addresses (kernel.org mail is handled by 30 ns4.kernel.org.), which requires another packet. So that would explain how you can have two more requests after the first one. I.e. the first-level ...


What you missed is that promiscuous mode only captures traffic that your promiscuous NIC sees. It doesn't have magical powers to go out onto the network and collect packets destined for other NICs. Modern networks use switches, which inspect the destination addresses of packets and only send it to the port it needs to go to, rather than broadcasting it to ...


You can't use as the IP address on the router / DHCP server. With a /24 subnet (netmask the first usable IP address is For more information as to why see this previous Q&A.


man host The -a (all) option is equivalent to setting the -v option and asking host to make a query of type ANY. Better use -a option if you want to perform an ANY request because -v sends several queries. host -a example.com IP > 36007+ **ANY?** example.com. (28) IP > ...

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