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This is a poor use case for login scripts. A startup script or a scheduled task can both easily run as the SYSTEM account take care of your software installation. Generally I suggest using some kind of deployment system - SCCM, Patch Manager, Puppet, etc - but there is a quick and dirty solution available if you have a 2008+ domain. Basically it is ...


Is it necessary to use a logon script? I normaly try to do as much as possible with startup scripts... These run in system context with highest privileges.


I would suggest deploying a scheduled task via GPO that is triggered upon login. You can select who to run the task as and deploy with an admin account.


I've got a solution now. What creates this behaviour of your logon script not wanting to map drives? If you have Windows 10, you want to use Edge, Calculator and PDF App. Microsoft says you need UAC enabled for that, otherwise it won't work. So you enable UAC by GPO (Reg. Key EnableLua). ...

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