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Sometimes the relevant documentation is hidden away in configuration files rather than in, say, the documentation. So it seems with LVM. By default LVM will automatically attempt to activate volumes on any physical devices which get connected to the system after boot, so long as all of the PVs are present, and lvmetad and udev are running. When the LVM ...


You want to edit the 'filter' value in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf to inspect only the physical devices on the KVM host; the default value accepts 'every block device' which includes LVs themselves. The comment above the default value is fairly comprehensive and can do a better job of explaining usage than I can.


Revised answer: LXC containers share the same kernel as the host, so any filesystem they mount should be accessible from outside. If you do a cat /proc/mounts on the host, can you see the container filesystems? If you see a line like /dev/mapper/... /var/lib/lxc/o1/rootfs ext4 ... then you should be able to access /var/lib/lxc/o1/rootfs from the host, ...


I know this is an old thread, but I'm not sure why the other answer links to a bug report. Unfortunately LVM does a really bad job of explaining why it's saying it's out of space, but you can prevent this altogether with adding "--mirrorlog core" to the end of your lvconvert line. This will keep the log in memory instead of writing it to disk. Big ...

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