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Take a look at docker export. To quickly list the files in your container: docker export CONTAINER|tar -t To export: docker export CONTAINER>snapshot.tar docker export CONTAINER|tar x PATH-IN-CONTAINER Or to look at a file: docker export CONTAINER|tar x --to-stdout PATH-IN-CONTAINER # e.g. docker export consul|tar x --to-stdout etc/profile


SORRY: answered too soon. It didn't work even though lxc-ls shows "AUTOSTART" as "YES". Here is a link with a lot more useful info, and maybe someone can make use of it: http://www.geeklee.co.uk/unprivileged-privileged-containers-ubuntu-14-04-lxc/ I landed on this page because I had the same issue. After reading this thread, I realized that lxc-create ...


You can use docker commit to persist the current state of your container in a new image, and start an interactive container from this image to inspect the contents. From the documentation : It can be useful to commit a container’s file changes or settings into a new image. This allows you debug a container by running an interactive shell, or to ...

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