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Adobe has some notes and a unix command on this subject. It seems that it could be run before taking the image or after restoring it (providing the destination is a unix-like system).


Since the link-local block cannot be routed, why is it a concern for your IDS? Simply ignore it. (Just make sure that your routers really do block it.) In my opinion, every IPv4 host ought to get and keep an address in the block, just as every IPv6 interface is already required to have a link-local address. They can be very ...


It works for me: $ rsync --hard-links --recursive --link-dest=/local user@host:/remote/ /local I use rsync version 3.1.0. From man: --hard-links Tells rsync to look for hard-linked files in the transfer, without this option, hard-linked files in the transfer are treated as though they were separate files. --link-dest=DIR Unchanged ...


You have to disable access based enumeration on the windows file share and force the mac clients to use SMB1. Also, don't give full control to CREATOR OWNER: uncheck Full Control, Change Permissions, and Take Ownership. The mac ACLs will screw you in the long run unless you uncheck those permissions. In order to enforce SMB1 on a mac client: Create the ...

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