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Adobe has some notes and a unix command on this subject. It seems that it could be run before taking the image or after restoring it (providing the destination is a unix-like system).


Seeing how you have a /private/etc directory I guess you're running Apache on MacOS X (please avoid putting linux windows and mac tags at the same time). This article should help you set up apache (ignore PHP related stuff). Basically, start by learning what httpd.conf file you should edit and look at Virtual Host/DocumentRoot. Having said that, you ...


It's not clear to me what the "intention" of your question is, but let me make a few points: A switch floods ethernet frames to all switch ports when it doesn't have a MAC address to switch port mapping for the destination MAC address. ARP resolves IP addresses to MAC addresses. A switch doesn't perform ARP unlesss the switch itself is communicating with a ...


The problem was YP bind. it still thought that it should get the OD accounts from the old ip, so that was why it couldn't find them. I deleted the file accociated with the domain in /var/yp/binding/ and restarted the system. The machine is now acting normal to ssh and logging in from gui.


The application to become a publicly registered entity on the OUI/MA-L database run by the IEEE does not contain a field for the website of the requesting company. Some of the companies do not have websites, and others have probably had their sites change multiple times over the years. You can also request a confidential registration. In short; You can in ...

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