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RAID1 doesn't work that way. When you added those two new partitions to your array, you added two more copies of the data. You added redundancy, not capacity. At this point you ought to look into either RAID5, which will gain you disk capacity x (number of disks - 1), or something like RAIDZ or btrfs.


The trick is to use right LABELS: Setup SoftwareRAID for the CoreOS root partition Only for ext4! Assume CoreOS is on /dev/sdaX and the second RAID Device is /dev/sdb Drawback: only / gets mirrored, Node goes down when sda fails -- Boot into any recovery system like Grml If not already done: install CoreOS Backup /dev/sda9 mkdir -p /root/sda9 mount ...


I went ahead and just tried it, and the answer is YES. A two-disk RAID5 using mdadm superblock version 1.2 will in fact retain its data upon failure and removal of one of the disks. e.g: mdadm /dev/md0 --fail /dev/sdc --remove /dev/sdc mdadm --zero-superblock /dev/sdc

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