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Normally, memcached uses only as much memory as it needs, even if you give a maximum limit. It's not like the Linux system buffers that by design can expand to fill all the available memory in order to improve system performance. You can telnet to your memcache and issue the commands stats stats slabs stats malloc which should give you an idea about how ...


Addendum - El Capitan, php56, php56-memcache 3.0.8 After reading David Schwartz and CourtDemone's answers I still didn't get it, until I read this answer on SO about how to edit a homebrew formula. I added the following to the formula by running brew edit php56-memcache and pasting in the following lines: . 20 safe_phpize . 21 + 22 ...


For me it was because I initially ran memcached -d manually. Then later when I tried to run service memcached restart/stop, the stop command would fail. After killing the process manually service memcached restart/stop worked as expected.

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