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Yes, the service will be restarted when the package is updated. Unless you have something running yum update automatically, you can control when the update happens; schedule it for off-hours when the rebuilding of cache won't hurt too much.


It's not as convenient as listing an interface and getting all of its bound addresses, and it requires knowing all the addresses bound to an interface, but it can be done. (Note that you cannot just list some interfaces, as you have discovered -- either a single interface, all interfaces, or a list of IPs.) The -l option can take an interface, INADDR_ANY ...


As pointed out in the accepted answer, newer versions do support it: memcached -l, or memcached -l -l Older versions (shipped with CentOS 6.5 or earlier) do not yet support that, they can either listen on all interfaces, a single IP address or a socket. Not any combination of those. ...

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