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The problem is, that DigitalOcean howto is just wrong. There are two PECL extensions - memcache and memcached, and those are different extensions. To store sessions in a memcached daemon process you need the memcache PECL extension, not the memcached one. So install one using either yum (php-pecl-memcache) or using pecl (pecl install memcache). Forcing a ...


I got this message when memcached has been started under the wrong user account. Killing the old process and restarting it correctly fixed it. [matt@vm]# service memcached status memcached dead but pid file exists [matt@vm]# ps aux | grep memcached roland 24038 0.0 0.0 349780 ... memcached ... -P /var/run/memcached/memcached.pid [matt@vm]# sudo kill -9 ...

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