Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010 is the current version of the product previously known as ISA Server. ISA Server 2006 was the last product to use the ISA Server name.

TMG 2010 adds:

  • subscription-based URL filtering
  • subscription-based malware protection
  • (free) subscription-based Network Inspection System (NIS), a Microsoft-centric IPS
  • outbound HTTPS inspection
  • Forefront Protection for Exchange integrated management from the TMG console (Exchange Edge and FPE required, sold separately)

Other notable changes:

  • The Enterprise Edition EMS (roughly analagous to the older CSS) can now manage standalone Standard Edition servers, which can make branch office deployments cheaper
  • SP1 adds click-through user overrides for URL filtering
  • SP1 adds a simple BranchCache setup interface
  • SP1 Software Update 1 adds support for SafeSearch filtering
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