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You can do what you want you can add config like this (as detailed here): SecRuleUpdateTargetById 981243 !REQUEST_COOKIES:'/^wm.*/' In fact this is already built in for some regular cookies that this rule incorrectly flags as false positives (__utm used by Google Analytics and _pk_ref used by a similar analytics piece of software) as you can see when ...


The full rule is this: SecRule RESPONSE_BODY "(?:<title>[^<]*?(?:\b(?:(?:c(?:ehennemden|gi-telnet)|gamma web shell)\b|imhabirligi phpftp)|(?:r(?:emote explorer|57shell)|aventis klasvayv|zehir)\b|\.::(?:news remote php shell injection::\.| rhtools\b)|ph(?:p(?:(?: commander|-terminal)\b|remoteview)|vayv)|myshell)|\b(?:(?:(?:microsoft ...

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