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I just figured it out. I had to change the ServerName in the .conf file to the actual hostname of the machine, as it matches my address object in my Sonicwall configuration. (I think that is the reason, however to be honest I'm not entierly sure.)


Check the cookie names of your apps called by wsgi (prod and stag), they must not conflict. Example: I have 2 apps with flask and wsgi, using the same program with different parameters. I have to assign different values to config["SESSION_COOKIE_NAME"] to avoid conflicts.


I'll try to cover second part of your question: How can I stop this? I took following part from your question: <VirtualHost *:443> ServerName myserver:443 DocumentRoot /empty/ <Directory /> Order allow,deny Deny from all </Directory> if /rest/API_CALL is the only URI that being used and because of ...


maybe I'm getting this wrong (after looking at the Apache docs, I'm now sure this is correct)- but doesn't Apache think it's serving files from DocumentRoot ? - this has nothing to do with /rest (this is your code URL) - if you are not hosting files from this virtual host then just specify the same documentroot as your default apache document root. you are ...


You may have multiple versions of python installed. The result was that a lot of python 2.6 dependencies got installed. I find this confusing as the python version that I'm running is supposed to be 3.5. Is your ec2 instance running 2.x or 3.x as the default python bin? When you run at the command line "python" it should return output such as the ...

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