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As step 5 said in use service mongodb start and sudo service mongodb start if not root. If the service doesn't start at boot automatically try to look at ls -la /etc/rc* | grep mongo, if no links there are present, then use update-rc.d mongodb defaults this should add links to /...


The error is self-explanatory, file /etc/mongodb.conf is missing on your system, so you need to create one. This simple config will allow you to start mongod systemLog: verbosity: 1 quiet: true traceAllExceptions: false path: "/opt/mongo/log/local.log" logAppend: true destination: file storage: dbPath: "/opt/mongo/db" journal: enabled: true ...


Your installation instructions step 5 tells how to start / stop the service. You just run sudo service start mongodb to start the server. If you want to make the service start up at boot, you can the follow instructions at service command is the standard way of managing services in Debian derived Linux distributions like Ubuntu.

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