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You have to realise that monitoring in too much granularity will have a negative impact on your system performance. That's the reason you normally monitor the general health of a server and services and additionally focus on specific performance indicators that are relevant for your services. Then you shouldn't have to deal with "something was wrong last ...


There are several Tools which can do what you are looking for, Nagios, Spiceworks are both free, there are several which are Paid. Some are windows, some are linux based. Spiceworks is probably the easiest of the two to setup but has more limited monitoring ability. Nagios is harder to configure at the beginning, but can check a lot more. There are more ...


As far as I know you can get Layer 2 networking information via SNMP from ESXi: Understanding Layer 2 networking as reported by VMware ESXi SNMP You have to query the host (management address). I don't know if you get all the information you need for your billing, though. Just give it a try. Distributed Switches also support NetFlow. Together with a NetFlow ...


If your restriction is with installing any software, you are out of luck. If you just can't install 3rd party software, there's MegaCli. (Typically available with your operating system media/update repositories.) Dell has provided documentation. You will likely need to parse and format the output to get the desired information ready for Zabbix.

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