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Some possibilities: To cd into the directory, use one of the following: cd '/home/|MOUNT_POINT|' cd /home/\|MOUNT_POINT\| To remove the stuff: rm /home/\|MOUNT_POINT\|/backup/11-17-14/custom/home/user?.tar.gz


While I was not able to resolve the situation completely, I discovered I was able to mount the share by itself: //my.server/my Folder It was the prefix path that was causing the issue. This worked without any modifications to the parameters or user. Why this worked before with the full path and no longer works now is something I'd love some insight on. ...


I've had a similar problem, which I solve by only encrypting /home. The trouble is /etc/rc.d/geli wants to mount it before continuing with the boot. A kludge would be the do the mount manually post-boot, but I like the way in which it proposes to do it at boot time - I just want the network to start first, since /, /var and /usr aren't encrypted. I thus put ...


When I started in the financial industry, I was running systems that were comprised of gateway systems that consumed/massaged data, compute nodes to make trading decisions, NFS servers to serve applications/centralize logging and a lot of networking to bind it all together. We also centralized crontab scheduling and application monitoring configs and placed ...


As Brian said, a parent export can override a child export. But you can solve this by adding priorities to your exports. So, using Brian's example, this would solve the problem: /NFS_ROOT *(ro,fsid=2) /NFS_ROOT/SHARE1 *(rw,fsid=1)


Ok i got it. @Zoredache pointed me into the right direction. Thank you my friend :) !! Its indeed the case that mount.nfs is trying to point to localhost instead of the vpn ip. You can solve this by using the following mountopts. /sbin/mount.nfs -v$remotepath /$localpath -o addr=,clientaddr= Debug Output of mount.nfs mount.nfs: ...

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