MSDeploy is a tool developed by Microsoft, also known as 'Web Deploy'. It allows the simple deployment and configuration of applications being deployed to IIS.

It is installed as a service within IIS (v6 and above) and allows an SSL connection to be made from an MSDeploy client over HTTPS, typically on port 8172. Clients who have been authorised by the IIS administrator are permitted to carry out a number of actions on the server, including but not limited to:

  • Installing / Updating a .NET application
  • Deploying static content
  • Configuring the IIS server
  • Synchronising the configuration between two IIS servers
  • Setting directory permissions on the server
  • Deploying a database SQL script (MySQL, SQLite and 'Full SQL' supported)
  • Install .NET assemblies in the GAC
  • Manipulate server certificates

Full documentation is available at Technet with the latest version available at Microsoft.

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