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You should never run munin-cron with 'root' user. Try running this command: chown -R munin:munin /var/www/munin After this try running "munin-cron" back from the "munin" user.


If you have other 'device' stats then munin-node at the 'device' platform observed is working. So you can start by check munin-node list of plugins reported by the device by 'telneting' to port 4949, as explained at munin-node test wiki . Then I guess you have to check what interfaces you want to ...


The rrdtool-perl package in RHEL6.6 needs repositories "rhel-6-server-eus-optional-rpms" and "rhel-6-server-eus-rpms" enabled. With user root you can use subscription-manager or subscription-manager-gui to add and enable repositories.

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