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I'm not particularly up with anything Java, but do have to admin some sites. This particular one is using the Java JDK 8u25, and requires the following user role setup in tomcat-users.xml: <user username="munin" password="munin" roles="manager-gui"/> <role rolename="manager"/>


I freely concede this question is about munin rather than NAGIOS. However, the two tools live hand-in-glove, and NAGIOS's notification engine is sophisticated and configurable, whilst munin's isn't. So instead of asking munin to notify you, have it inform NAGIOS and let NAGIOS do the notifying. Then you can set restrictions on time of day, use service ...


This sounds like a problem with the definitions in static/dynazoom.html. In our installation we have form.cgiurl_graph.value = qs.get("cgiurl_graph", "/munin-cgi/munin-cgi-graph"); I suspect you have form.cgiurl_graph.value = qs.get("cgiurl_graph", "/usr/share/munin/cgi/munin-cgi-graph"); Whilst it should be form.cgiurl_graph.value = ...


You can do this using cdef. Here's a working example that I did on my local server [dhcp;av] update no ddf.update no ddf.graph_args --units=si --lower-limit 0 --upper-limit 100 ddf.graph_title df average ddf.graph_vlabel percentage full ddf.graph_category disk ddf.av.draw AREA ddf.av.label ...

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