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I once had this problem when one of my servers restarted, runing the command munin-check helped me realize the problem had to do with folder permissions. Note: Even though I already had a folder /var/www/html/munin/web/monitoring and it has correct permissions set, munin-check complained about not finding that folder, I guess that's what the "this script ...


If you are deploying your munin configs via configuration management you are probably running into a timing issue where the config file is being created while the munin cron is trying to run.


This are prelink temp files and it is most likely due to selinux or some bug that was introduced with Centos 6.6 that those files aren't automatically removed. There is an old bug with similar behaviour https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=584550 They should be safe to remove but there will be other files with similar names so you might want to ...

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