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The Principle of least privilege suggests that the first thing you should do would be to remove any unnecessary privileges from the IAM user that is making the backups. The granularity of the s3:PutObject permission, however, is such that overwriting an existing object is still possible by an account holding only that one privilege, which leaves open the ...


it really DEPENDS. :) according to the doc MySQL 5.1.14 and later. Data modification statements made to tables in the mysql database are replicated according to the value of binlog_format; if this value is MIXED, these statement are replicated using the row-based format. However, statements that would normally update this information indirectly—such ...


If you only care about access and no redundancy and/or performance benefits of replication, go with proxy. It's simpler setup - easier to manage.


The short answer is no. The long answer is - MySQL replication really does what the name suggests. It replicates data (replaying log on another machine). As opposed to, for example, Elasticsearch it does not care about reading. The replication support would have to be implemented in driver. And since PHP MySQL/MySQLi/PDO driver does not (as far as i ...

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