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dig +trace is generally the most straightforward way to inspect the chain of delegations. However, glue records are in the additional section and by default trace output does not include the additional section. You will need to specify explicitly that you want this included in the output. dig +trace +additional example.com If the idea is to check the ...


Here is a little shell script which implements Alnitak's answer: #!/bin/sh S=${IFS} IFS=. for P in $1; do TLD=${P} done IFS=${S} echo "TLD: ${TLD}" DNSLIST=$(dig +short ${TLD}. NS) for DNS in ${DNSLIST}; do echo "Checking ${DNS}" dig +norec +nocomments +noquestion +nostats +nocmd @${DNS} $1 NS done Pass the name of the domain as parameter: ...

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