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In short, yes... you would have a problem with RAID6 and using a smaller drive. RAID6 itself has no way to dynamically re-size the RAID to a smaller disk. You must either: have a RAID controller capable of dynamically resizing the RAID volume copy your data elsewhere, and completely rebuild the RAID and then restore the data back to the volume. I have ...


If you have one iSCSI volume, you can only mount it on VM at the same time with a normal file system. If you mount it on two systems at the same time, corruption of the file system on the iSCSI target is guaranteed as both machines think they have exclusive access to the disk and will make conflicting changes, destroying the file system in short time. There ...


Yes. Install virtualization. Try Hyper-V or ESXi.


Sure, but rather than attempting to virtualize on such limited hardware, I'd suggest just running CentOS to handle both functions. There's probably no reason to use FreeNAS here, as CentOS can serve as a NAS and is entirely capable of ZFS. This would be the best use of the resources available to your ProLiant Microserver.

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